From the desk of Manager

There are three kinds of students in this world.
Students who make succes happen.
2. Students who watch success happen.
3. Students who wonder how it happened ?

In which category do you fall into
More you sweat in peace,
less you bleed in war.
Your effort of today will
pay you back tomorrow
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Feel the Difference

In the recently finished Beijing olympics China stunt the world by breathtaking performance and took 100 medals india got 3.
Another human being by the name of Michael phelps made his way to 8 gold medal single-handedly
What would you call this ?

Luck ?

Accident ?

Co-incidence ?

Success is not an accident. It is the result of our attitude. A burning desire is the starting pont of all accomplishment. There are no ideal circumstances.
A polio victim at the age of five started swimming to regain strength. It was because of her desire to succeed that she went on to become a wond record holder at three events and won a gold medal at the 1956 olympic at Melbourne. Her name is shelley mann.
Students do not succeed by accident or by co-incidence or as a result of luck. It is not hte facilities, comforts, the ease that makes man. It is difficulties, that make man.

Entire Philosophy of Scholars Abode and working system is based on "Shramev jayate"