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Assessment of a student is done on the basis of performance in scholastic as well as co-scholastic area.
It combines of formative and sumative assessmetns which are held periodically throughout an academic year.
  point image  1st Term   April to October        FA1 + FA2 + SA1
  point image  2nd Term  November to March   FA3 + FA4 + SA2
The means of testing a student are through quizzes, conversations, interviews, oral testing, visual testing, projects, practicals and assignments.
The summative assessment is the terminal assessment of performance at the end of instruction. It will be the form of a pen-paper test. It will be conducted at the end of each term. Promotion to the next class depends on the child's performance throughout the year along with the minimum requirement of:
    a.  At least 75% attendance in each term.
    b.  At least 40% marks in main subjects.
Students failing in a class for two consecutive years will be given Transger Certificate.
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