School Hours
  Monday to Saturday
      Classes I & II           07:40A.M. to 12:20P.M.
      Classes III to X        06:50A.M. to 01:00P.M.
      Classes XI & XII       08:00A.M. to 12:20P.M.

  Monday to Saturday

      Classes I & II           08:40A.M. to 01:20P.M.
      Classes III to X        07:50A.M. to 02:00P.M.
      Classes XI & XII       09:00A.M. to 01:20P.M.

  OFFICE HOURS        08:00A.M. to 04:00P.M.

1.  For withdrawal of a student from the school, a calendar month's notice must be given in writing otherwise a month's fee will be charged.
2.  The school will issue the Transfer Certificate only when all dues have been cleared.
3.  A student can be dismissed/suspended by the school authorities on any of the following grounds:
    a. Irregular attendance.
    b. Non payment or late payment of fee for three(3) months.
    c. Moral breach considered serous by the school authorities.
    d. Failling for two(2) consecutive years in the same class.
1.  The school provides the transport facilities covering almost all routes adjoining the city.
2.  For details of the route & conveyance, parents/guardians should consult the school office.
3.  A schedule of bus is available with the school office.
4.  A clear calendar month's notice is required for discontinuation of the conveyance.
5.  A student an be deprived of using the school transport:
    a.  If found creating indiscipline.
    b.  On non payment of fee.